I Just Watched George Clooney’s New Movie and It Hit Me In All The Feels Despite Being Rather Boring

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I love movies about outer space! So when I saw The Midnight Sky in the number one spot on Netflix, I had to watch it!


But I have to say, I was highly disappointed. I just assumed that everyone loved the movie, since it was sitting pretty in the Netflix Top Ten, but once I started reading reviews, I saw how wrong I was.


It was very slow paced, the relationships between the characters never took off and went anywhere. Honestly to me, it was dull and depressing. I have no clue how its in the Top Ten right now.


There’s also no tying up of loose ends. We have no idea what happens to anyone. We don’t know if George Clooney’s character was hallucinating the entire time, or even the name of the coming baby. I mean…they could have given us SOMETHING.


The only part that gave me feels was the very end. It was hinted (but of course not confirmed) that Iris was Augustine’s daughter. That part gave me a little bit of goosebumps. BUT THAT’S IT.


I wouldn’t recommend this. Go find something more exciting to watch. You can thank me later.


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