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Starbucks Has A New Pineapple Tumbler and It Gives Total Tropical Vacation Vibes

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Summer is on the way and if you’re looking for that perfect cup to sip all your summer drinks in, look no further…

Starbucks released a new Pineapple Tumbler and it’s total tropical vacation vibes.

This adorable tumbler is made to look like a pineapple.

Featuring a yellow studded base with a studded green top and matching green straw.

It is a 24 oz. tumbler and is priced at $21.95.

It’s so cute, even SpongeBob is jealous.

Now, if you are wanting this adorable cup, you have two options…

You can travel to Hawaii as this is part of the Hawaii collection that is exclusive to the Hawaiian islands.


You can buy one on eBay for about $34 with shipping. Not too much more marked up so that is a pretty great option.

Oh and if you are getting this cup, keep your eye out for the Pineapple Ceramic Mug too. It is ceramic and perfect for hot drinks.

If you are needing a reason to take that tropical vacation to Hawaii, I think I just gave you one.

Ahhh I am so glad I grabbed this cup when I was in Kauai, Hawaii. It’s SO CUTE!

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