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Blue Bell Just Released Root Beer Float Ice Cream, Because Dreams Really Do Come True

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Warning, what you’re about to read may cause your sweet tooth to nag. 

As if root beer floats couldn’t be any simpler to make, Blue Bell has made the classic sweet treat a one step process. 

Courtesy of Blue Bell

With the help of A&W Root Beer, Blue Bell has just released pints of ice cream flavored exactly like a root beer float! 

With vanilla ice cream swirled into A&W Root Beer flavored sherbet, this new sweet treat combines everything you need to make an excellent root beer float, just like how grandma used to make. 

Courtesy of Blue Bell

So forget the steps of mixing together vanilla ice cream and root beer flavored soda in a chilled mug because thanks to Blue Bell, the work has already been done for you!

Just scoop, eat, and don’t forget the cherry on top! 

Courtesy of @bluebellicecream

“We received many requests for an A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream,” said John Neal Robinson, Blue Bell general sales manager. “After the huge success of Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream last year, we were ready to work together on another delicious flavor. We recommend enjoying a few scoops in a chilled mug just like your favorite root beer.”

John Neal Robinson
Courtesy of @rousesmarkets

Blue Bell’s A&W Root Beer Float flavored ice cream is now available in half gallons and pint sizes through 2025 at stores that carry the Blue Bell brand!

And if you can’t find this ice cream in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store, you can get the new flavor shipped directly to you by visiting the link, right here

Courtesy of Blue Bell

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