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Here Are What The Colors Mean On Your Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil

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Summer is definitely the time of year when we blow through that aluminum foil that we have sitting in our kitchen.

Between the grilling, the baking, the storing, and even the cleaning, I blow through a couple boxes of aluminum foil easily during the summer months.

Have you looked at boxes of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil lately?

Reynolds Wrap

If you have, you might have noticed that they have different colors down the right-hand side of the packaging. But, what are the colors for?

Reynolds Wrap

What Do The Colors On Reynolds Wrap Stand For?

Nope, the colors aren’t just to be pretty. They actually serve a purpose.

Reynolds Wrap

Here’s what the colors mean:

Reynolds Wrap

Pink – Everyday Use

This is the aluminum foil you pick up as your general, every day foil. You probably have a box or two of this foil stashed in your pantry or kitchen drawers. It is great to use for things like Lining Baking Pans, making those yummy Hobo Dinners, or General Tips and Tricks that you might come across.

Reynolds Wrap

Blue – Heavy Duty

This aluminum foil is like the everyday aluminum foil, but it is going to be a bit more sturdy. In other words, it isn’t going to tear as easily. It is great for those foods that require a bit more oomph when you cook them. Think steaks and the like.

Orange – Grilling

This is like your everyday foil or your heavy-duty foil, but it was MADE for grilling. You are going to get so much use out of a box of this stuff during the summer! You can use it with these Grilled Barbecue Chicken Skewers, Grilled Hot Dogs, or maybe something you pick up on a YouTube Cooking Show. BONUS: this foil would be PERFECT for that Hack That Uses Aluminum Foil To Clean Your Grill!

Reynolds Wrap

Yellow – Nonstick

This is GREAT for cooking. It will line your pans with ease, and not stick to your food. So, you can make those Sticky Cinnamon Rolls or that cheesy meal that you dread to clean up. This foil is going to make that process a breeze.

Reynolds Wrap

Green – Recycled

This aluminum foil is made with 100% recycled aluminum. It has a much smaller carbon footprint, if that’s something you’re worried about. The energy needed to produce this recycled aluminum is much smaller than a brand spankin’ new box of foil.

Reynolds Wrap

You can, of course, pick up Reynolds Wrap at your local grocery store of choice. OR, if you don’t feel like hitting up Walmart, you can purchase Reynolds Wrap right from the Amazon website.


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