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This Dad Turned Barbies Into ‘Labyrinth’ Dolls For His 8-Year-Old Daughter and Now I Want One

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Some dads are over the top special. Especially for their daughters. This happens to be one of those dads…

His daughter was turning 8 and she was really obsessed with the movie ‘Labyrinth’.

Jim Henson

She told her dad that she wanted ‘Labyrinth’ dolls for her birthday. He found some, but nothing that was meant to be played with as you would a Barbie. I mean the movie is from 1986, it isn’t something that is often requested as a toy for a kid.


But this kid is obviously super unique and cool. She wanted this. Her dad hit the ball out of the park and made it happen!


If you don’t remember or know what ‘Labyrinth’ was, it was a fantasy, adventure movie from 1986. It starred Jennifer Connolly and David Bowie.

His daughter wanted dolls from a specific part of the movie, the ballroom dance!

As you can see, the costumes are pretty elaborate! Dad had his work cut out for him! Not only did he need to make dolls that looked like them, he had to pull off these costumes!


He ended up repurposing old Barbie dolls! Turning them into Jareth (David Bowie) and Sarah (Jennifer Connolly).

So this is what he was going for…

Jim Henson

He ended up using 3 dolls to recreate Sarah and the Goblin King Jareth. He used the body from a blonde Barbie (he removed the head to use the hair for the Goblin King). He used a male Barbie for Jareth.


He then took the third doll for the head on the Sarah doll. He had to fit the brunette head on to the Barbie body which was some work, but he eventually got it.


Then he had to customize the clothing! Wow, this seems like a ton of work haha! He even created boxes for the dolls! Check out of happy his daughter is with the finished dolls!

Here is his video tutorial for how he made the ‘Labyrinth’ dolls. Absolutely AMAZING!!! You have to watch it to see just how awesome this is!

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