You Can Get A Frozen Mango Fruit Bar That’s Dipped In Tajin And It’s So Good

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Outshine frozen fruit bars has a fruity new mango flavor. But, it’s not JUST mango. The good people at Outshine have gone and dipped that whole mango fruit bar in Tajin!

Courtesy of Outshine Snacks

I know so many people that SWEAR by Tajin. They put it on EVERYTHING. I mean from chips, to watermelon, to corn! They use it like it’s salt.

Courtesy of Tajin

What is Tajin? It all started in a kitchen in Mexico. Tajin is used like a spice, and it is a combination of lime, mild chilis, and salt.

Courtesy of Tajin

Sounds a little weird if you have never had it. But, y’all. Try it on corn, it will change your life.

That is why it is so stinking AWESOME that Outshine frozen fruit bars has this Mango and Tajin flavor! It takes the Mango flavor, and just kicks it up about a hundred notches.

Courtesy of Outshine Snacks

You get that Mango sweetness, and then a kick of mild spice, and the tang of lime, with just a hint of salt to bring out all the flavor.

I can see these flying off the shelves at your local grocery store!

You can find this awesome Mango and Tajin flavored frozen fruit bar at most grocery stores. I have seen it at Walmart, Food Lion, Target, Costco, and Sam’s.

Courtesy of Outshine Snacks

If you LOVE mangos, you totally have to check out this mango salsa! It is most excellent.

mango salsa

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