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Lay’s Released Chile Mango Flavored Chips And My Mouth Is Watering

Chips in all their glory taste the best when they’re full of flavor and extra crispy.

Recently experimented down at the lab of Lay’s, their most recent chip concoction includes both sweet and spicy flavors.

For a limited time only, Lay’s is releasing a chile mango flavor that sounds absolutely divine.

Lay’s is releasing the bold flavor this summer so keep an eye out in the chip aisle at your nearest grocery store which shouldn’t be hard to miss since the bag is a bright pink color!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

From what it looks like, the chip should taste equally sweet and spicy from the sweet mango and the spicy chile peppers.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

For now we don’t know the exact month Lay’s will release the new flavor but if you want my opinion, stop by the chip aisle every time you visit the grocery store so you never miss a beat.

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