Dan Levy Officially Owns The Emmy Awards

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If you aren’t watching The Emmy Awards right now, you should be especially if you loved Schitt’s Creek.

Why? Because Dan Levy officially owns The Emmy Awards.

Dan Levy and some of the other cast of Schitt’s Creek has won every. single. award thus far.


So far, that is 5 yes, FIVE awards in a row they’ve won.

I loved Schitt’s Creek but let’s be honest, Dan Levy is the top 3 actors in that show. Probably even the best.


I am so excited for the entire cast of Schitt’s Creek and they totally deserve it.


Maybe everyone just needs to go/stay home at this point? There is no stopping their wins! Ahhhh!


In all seriousness though, if you haven’t started watching, this is all you’ve missed so far…

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