Target Stores Across The Country Shut Down, People Lost Their Minds

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You might be wondering why Target stores were shutting down last week and let’s get that out there, they are NOT going out of business. Target’s were shutting down their stores for an entirely different reason.

If you planned visit Target last week you might have come across this…

And by closing doors, it literally meant – the entire store was getting closed for the day…

The outage was making it so customers were unable to check out and people waited for hours to be able to check out.

Yes, I don’t know why you’d wait hours to check out at Target, just dump your basket and head over to Walmart, I am sure they have what you need…

But people started to lose their minds over the outage…

Target confirmed the outage and was unable to provide an ETA on when this outage will be fixed for HOURS that day.

And some people were waiting so long, Target employees handed out freebies:

Moral of the story: do your shopping elsewhere when this happens. I promise Target’s feelings won’t get hurt!

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