Pizza Chicken Nuggets Exist, My Kids Are So Happy

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I almost did a happy dance in the grocery aisle when I saw what Tyson has done now. Wait for it …


Yes, I’m serious. My kids will absolutely jump for joy. Tyson has taken their yummy nuggets of protein goodness, and coated them in pizza-flavored breading.

This makes them little yummy chicken nuggets full of cheesy pizza awesomeness!

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I can hardly stand it. I need a minute.

And, they are made with no antibiotics, are trans fat free, have no added hormones, and no preservatives.

Bottom line, I will have no mom guilt when my kids gobble these pizza protein pieces down for dinner!

Of course, they are fully cooked, so this mom can trust that in 11-13 minutes, they will be ready to go! All I have to do is heat them up.

They’re made with real mozzarella and use Parmesan breading and a pepperoni seasoning. YUM!

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Although my children would tout the praises of pizza, chicken nuggets are just about the best food available. These little chicken patties pack a big protein punch. Not to mention, they are one of the few foods my kids will eat. Now they can have the flavor of BOTH!

I would love to have the time to make these little bundles of yumminess from scratch for my kids, but sometimes life just gets entirely too busy with all the ways we have overextended our time on school days.

Sometimes this mom needs the help of the freezer section at my grocery store.

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My go-to chicken nuggets to make on a busy school night, when we have dance and Boy Scouts, too much homework, and school projects due have historically been the Tyson Fully-Cooked Chicken Nuggets.

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It’s so easy and quick to just pop them out of the freezer, dump them on a cookie sheet, and bake them for 13 minutes. Add a side of frozen veggies and a crisp apple, and I’ve got a healthy (and more importantly, fast) dinner for my kids.

I love the fact that they are fully cooked. This means I don’t have to worry that I have cooked them all the way through (I don’t need my meat thermometer … hallelujah!).

I just heat them up, and go.

Also, these nuggets are made with 100% natural ingredients, so I don’t have to worry about what my kids’ little bodies are ingesting. They are already crazy enough without adding extra chemicals to the mix.

Thank you, people at Tyson, for making my busy life one step easier by combining the nuggets we love with the delicious taste of pizza. I know what I’m making for dinner tonight!

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