You Can Now Spice Up Your Recipes with This ‘Grow A Dick’ Chili Plant

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I AM DYING in laughter. Like, someone made this a thing and it’s beyond brilliant.

Want to spice things up a bit?

I am talking about in the kitchen (get your mind of the gutter)!

And now you can with this ‘Grow A Dick’ Chili Plant.

The ‘Grow A Dick’ Chili Plant is $12.99 and promises you some “Willy Chilis”

The description reads:

  • The spiciest way to tell ‘em to grow a dick
  • Contains all you need to grow dick shaped chillies
  • Super simple – just add water!
  • 100% organic, from the soil to the penis produce itself
  • Literally looks like a bunch of red dicks

Be a “Grower, Not a Shower” LOL I am dying!

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock right now but until it restocks, I’ve found some comparable alternatives on Amazon.

Who knew, penis shaped chili’s were a thing?! LOL

This brings a whole new meaning to “Peter Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers” LOLOLOL

These peppers seriously made my day!

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