Cap’N Crunch’s Chocolatey Berry Crunch Cereal Is Back Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Gah! It’s here! I was doing some late night shopping — at 2am — and look what I came across. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it is my yearly FAVORITE cereal obsession, the Cap’N Crunch’s Chocolatey Berry cereal.

Courtesy of Walmart

It tastes kinda like chocolate covered strawberries in a bowl, if said strawberries were actually Crunch Berries, and they were covered in Cap’N Crunch Chocolate cereal. I love it!

Courtesy of munchiebunchie on Instagram

Heck yeah! This cereal combines TWO great flavor combinations, Chocolate Cap’N Crunch and those red Crunch Berries! Be prepared for some stellar pink chocolate milk at the bottom of your morning bowl of cereal.

Courtesy of Walmart

Why is it that Cap’N Crunch ALWAYS cuts up the top palate of my mouth. I mean, it happens every. single. time. And, I keep eating it. TOTALLY WORTH IT! I never needed that top palate, anyway. Ha!

Courtesy of munchiebunchie on Instagram

You can get a one-pound box of this Cap’N Crunch’s Chocolatey Berry cereal at Walmart for $1.75. WHAT?!? Less than two bucks? Time to stock up!

You KNOW, since it’s here for Valentine’s Day, it is Limited Edition. That means it will be gone far too soon. *Sad Face*

Courtesy of munchiebunchie on Instagram

If you like the taste of chocolate, you will love this Crunch. But this limited-edition Chocolatey Berry-licious treat won’t last forever! Better get your hands on a bowl berry fast!


This cereal is SO good, but don’t take my word for it! You have to try it yourself. At less than 2 bucks a box, you can totally raid that piggy bank, or even dig two dollars in change out of the couch!

Courtesy of munchiebunchie on Instagram

If you can’t find it at your local Walmart, ask them if they can stock it. Sometimes they will take special requests like that. I’ve totally asked them to get a case or two of product! Sometimes they will. It’s worth it to ask.

If all else fails, Amazon DOES have it. The only problem, it’s $16 from the Amazon website. Yikes! But, tasty times sometimes call for drastic measures. LOL!

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