Kroger’s New Mermaid Sparkle Ice Cream Tastes Like Cotton Candy and Is Loaded with Blue Glitter Swirls

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Girls, did you ever pretend that you were a mermaid while swimming in a pool? I know I have!

Courtesy of Kroger

When I was young, my cousin had a pool and every time we swam in her swimming pool, we pretended that were born from under the sea, had colorful fish tails and married to mermen!

Lucky for us, Kroger has come out with an ice cream that’s definitely not your ordinary go to.

The Impulsive Buy/Kroger

This ice cream has a touch of sparkle to it! The cotton candy Ice Cream is filled with Blue Glitter Swirls and Candy Bits! It is appropriately called Mermaid Sparkle.

Courtesy of The Impulsive Buy

This bright blue ice cream isn’t hard to miss on the shelf! With a colorful packaging and a pink mermaid tail right out in front, the temptation is real when choosing which flavor of ice cream you may want that day.

Who says this ice cream won’t look absolutely fabulous sitting on the dining room table for Easter desert. I can already see the colors matching perfectly with my Easter decor!

Courtesy of the Impulsive Buy

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