This Epcot mini funnel cake is on a whole new level of deliciousness!

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The classic taste of a funnel cake has never been a disappointment to me. When I think back to this chewy pastry, I automatically think of the summer time and going to circuses with my friends.

However, this funnel cake at Epcot, will knock your socks off and put the OG funnel cake to shame.

Epcot is known for its famous food and drink samplings, and if there’s anything you need to add on to your bucket list, experiencing Epcot should be in the top five.

You might gain five pounds from all of the tasty food, but it’ll be worth trying the variety of foods and wines from around the world such as this lil pastry.


Epcot is now serving a “mini” lemon-blueberry funnel cake that’s not so mini after it’s topped with lemon cheesecake ice cream, fresh blueberries, lavender icing and powdered sugar.


This mini funnel cake is just $7 dollars, which if you ask me, is pretty cheap considering the large portion size of the thing!

If you haven’t heard of Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, it’s an experience you’ll want to check out if you want to get your hands on this not so mini funnel cake!


You can buy this funnel cake at the Funnel Cake Stand in the American Adventure Pavilion to satisfy your sugar cravings on a hot sunny day down in Florida!


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