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You Can Get A Miniature Starbucks Cup For Your Car That Holds Your Face Mask

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I often read about my friends going out to go shopping, only to get to where they need to be and realize they forgot a mask! Well, if you keep a clean one in your car there will be no worries.


This miniature Starbucks cup clips right on to the vent in your car to hold your mask for you! It will be visible, so you know it’s there and it will keep it clean and off of the floor or other surfaces!


Definitely the cutest purchase I have ever made!!!! It looks super cute. And awesome for any Starbucks lover!! Thank you so much!

Brenda Banuelos – Etsy Reviewer
Brenda Banuelos – Etsy Reviewer

Not only is it practical, but it is also freaking adorable! I’m a grown adult and there is just something about miniatures that makes me smile!

Lacy Napier – Etsy Reviewer

The details are amazing! Even the little tiny Starbucks logo is perfection! It just attaches to the vent in your car and that’s it! Hang your mask on it when not in use and always keep a clean one ready to go!

Whitney – Etsy Reviewer

You can order your own miniature Starbucks cup mask holder from ArtstudioSoom on Etsy!

Kim Daigler – Etsy Reviewe

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