This Cherry Blossom Tree Is Made Out Of Over 800,000 LEGOs and Has Broken The Guinness World Record

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Y’all. I saw this Cherry Blossom tree, and thought, “Wow! What a gorgeous tree.”

Then I looked closer. It’s made of freaking Lego Bricks! This thing broke a Guinness World Record, and I’m completely in awe right now.

This tree stands at Legoland in Nagoya, Japan, and it is the largest LEGO brick cherry blossom tree in the world.

Just a little work went into building this tree. Do you sense the sarcasm? This thing took some super dedicated — and uber talented — Lego builders, to take it from individual lego bricks, to a gorgeous full-blown Cherry Blossom tree!

They had to start with a support system for the tree, made of (what looks like) PVC pipes. Afterall, it had to support the ginormous weight of all those Lego bricks. I’m talking 7,348 pounds of Legos!

Wondering how many Lego bricks that is? Just, ya know, 881,470 bricks. Side Note: It’s possible I have that many bricks scattered about my house. Those things just multiply, don’t they?

It, obviously, took some crane power, along with a whole team of people, to put this thing together! They built all the pieces of the tree in the Lego factory in the Czech Republic, and then they assembled it at the Legoland in Japan.

It took 6,500 hours of work to finish this tree. And you thought your work week was long!

The tree stands 14 feet high, and 5 feet wide. And the best part — it lights up! Gah! I want to see this tree IRL so bad. Road trip anyone? Ha!

The finished product is so freaking gorgeous. Can they make a smaller version for my house?

Watch the time-lapse video of them building this tree, below.

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  1. This is amazing. My sons loved building with Legos growing up. I congratulate this grow of hard workers.

  2. Lego is always Lego: never spelled Legos! as you did in big bold letters in your title. Great photos but pain to try and scroll through and read anything because of the overload amount of ads! Ugh!

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