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You Can Get A Free Reusable Starbucks Holiday Cup On Friday. Here’s How.

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Halloween is over and you know that that means…STARBUCKS HOLIDAY LAUNCH!!! This is not a drill! Get your game face on people!

The Starbucks Holiday Launch is starting THIS WEEK!

November 6th is the launch date, complete with ALL of the new and returning winter flavors, such as Chestnut Praline and Toasted White Mocha.


It also means the super amazing launch of the new holiday cup collection which I am DROOLING over. There are at least 5 cups that I just HAVE to have.


But Starbucks is also bringing back their National Red Cup Day on 11/6. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it is first come first serve. If you order a holiday beverage, you get a free reusable hot cup to go with it.


In this video above, you can get a good glimpse of this year’s cup. It is red with a sweater print on it, and it is ADORABLE. It will be first come first serve and as supplies last. My store only made it till about 10am last year so be READY.


I wish we could give you a better glimpse, but baristas have been told to keep it on the DL. But I can promise you, this year’s cup is worth the fight.


Also, when I say you have to purchase a holiday beverage, it HAS to be the Christmas flavors. Pumpkin spice and salted caramel mochas do not count towards this. So run, don’t walk this Friday. And let us know what you get ahold of!


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