The Harry Potter Cookie Baking Kit is Here, Accio It To Me

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After all of these years, Harry Potter is still going strong. New products are still coming out and all of the Harry Potter fans want them all!

Williams Sonoma

If you are a Harry Potter fan or have one in your life, you’ll need to pick up this Harry Potter Baking Kit right now! It is everything you need to back for your Muggles!

Williams Sonoma

Bakers of all ages will be thrilled to make a little magic in the kitchen!

It is a 26-piece set that includes 8 stainless steel cookie cutters. There are also 12 icing bags, 4 decorating tips, 1 plastic coupler and 1 storage box included.

Williams Sonoma

The cookie cutters come in many designs including Hedwig, Hogwarts Express, the Deathly Hallows Symbol, a Sorting Hat, Broomstick, Snitch, a Lightning Bolt, and of course Harry Potter Eyeglasses.

Fans everywhere are enjoying this amazing Harry Potter Baking Kit. Just look at these decorating skills!

Even amateur bakers are having a blast and doing great! Maybe I could pull it off too?

They are actually on sale right now at Williams Sonoma for only $24.95! Look at how beautiful these cookies look! I love the colors on the ones below.

It would definitely make a great gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life, or heck, treat yourself!

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