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This New Documentary Sheds Light on The Life of Tiger Woods

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There is a documentary on HBO that sheds light on the life of Tiger Woods, and it is aptly named Tiger.

It is bound to be a bit scandalous, as we have all heard about his escapades in Las Vegas, as well as the whole golf club in the Escalade incident involving his ex-wife, Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren.


Tiger will also tell the tale of a child who lost his childhood to become perfect in his chosen field of golf.


It is a story we hear all too often when it comes to childhood stars. They are worked so hard at a young age, they miss out on the norms of childhood. Then, when they become a little bit older, they start to rebel against their conditions and upbringing.


Of course, they are probably going to villainize Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, as he is the one who pushed Tiger from toddlerhood to be a novelty golfer extraordinaire.


This two-part documentary will start from his childhood, and go all the way up through his scandalous romps that led to his divorce in 2010.


I, personally, can’t wait to watch, because I love me some celebrity gossip, and this documentary is SURE to have plenty of it!

It may be time to take a break from the True Crime that I have been obsessing over, and switch to HBO for a bit of scandalous pop culture gossip!


You can watch Tiger NOW on HBO Max — I just checked my app, and it’s there!! Yipee!!


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