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You Can Get A Cheetah Print Color Changing Starbucks Cup

Y’all! Do you see this? I mean DO you see this? This is a must-have for me! See, my husband hates cheetah and leopard print and I love it. So it’s always been a thing I do anytime I find something cool that is one of those prints I get it!


Not only is it cheetah print, but it is also a holographic cheetah print that is on a color-changing Starbucks venti cold cup! I mean I have to get it right?

Katie Mahood

This cup is THE cutest! Shipping was super quick and I’m so happy with my purchase!

Katie Mahood – Etsy Review

Each one comes with a matching lid and straw too! Summer is coming and the big bugs are out! I have to have a lid on my drink! I mean, have you ever had a june bug jump in your drink? Totally not cool!


Even better than expected! Thanks so much! Great way to start Bday drinking! I would definitely recommend buying from this seller!

cboyd252 – Etsy Reviewer

These are customized with hand-laid high-quality holographic vinyl, so yours may look different than those in the photos. There are several colors available to choose from.

You can choose from

  • Red/Purple
  • Peach/Hot Pink
  • Yellow/Orange
  • Sea Green/Ocean
  • Cobalt/Deep Purple

Do not wash these in the dishwasher or microwave them! You’ll want to hand wash them so that you don’t damage them and they last a long time. Also, these are cold cups, so they are for cold drinks. If you microwave them it could make you very sad.


Now I need to choose which color I want! It’s pretty much a tie between the Yellow/Orange or Sea Green/Ocean! Which would you choose? Help a girl out!

You can get your own venti holographic cheetah print Starbucks cold cup from 4275handmade on Etsy for only $23.99!


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