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You Can Grow Blue Himalayan Poppies That Are Edible

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I have to admit, when I first think of a Poppy Flower I immediately think of Opium…

Well, there is a variety of Poppy flowers called the Himalayan Blue Poppy, and they do not create Opium, but they are totally edible!

They’re a rare azure color and give your flower garden the “pop” of color you need!

VikkiVines – Etsy

The flower was first described by a French botanist back in 1814 while he was visiting Tibet, people actually thought it was a fable until 1922 when it was discovered again by a mountaineer.

VikkiVines – Etsy

The Poppy flower has a long history and has been used as a medicine, for cooking and baking, and even has spiritual uses.

Great shipping. I have grown these before and consider them the most beautiful true blue flower I have seen. They are now in the fridge for their cold spell. Thank you so much!

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The Blue Poppy is a rare color and is often used for decorating sweets and pastries.

This flower is definitely one to add to your kitchen garden because it has so many uses and also it’s pretty!

This perennial has 3 to 4-inch wide petals on long stems and thrives in richly composted, well-draining, acidic soil.

You’ll be able to add the blue poppy flowers to your cooking, crafting, and decor!

You can buy your own blue poppy flower seeds to grow in your garden from VikkiVines on Etsy!

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