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No, I Will Not ‘Agree To Disagree’ With You About Racism

If You Are Staying Silent Right Now, You Are a Part Of The Problem

Right now, we are all hurting. 2020 is shaping up to be one hell of a year.

Murder hornets aside, it’s like everything that is happening in this world could be stopped if we would come together as a people and fight against it.

But for some reason, there are still people sitting silent.

There are still people not talking about George Floyd and what an injustice his death was. There are still people going on about their days, business as usual, thinking that if they don’t say anything that nobody will know how they really feel.

And they think that’s fine.

It’s not. To sit silent and still and watch this play out without having an opinion is just as bad, if not worse than coming out against the movement.

Because at least the people against the movement have the guts to say how they feel.

I’ve seen this posted in more than one place. That we aren’t required to process our emotions publicly and that is why people are remaining silent.

In doing so, in saying nothing, in not lifting up people who have been effected by racism and injustice in this country you are taking the coward’s way out and I have had enough.

Staying silent isn’t the answer. Do you think that our friends, our husbands, our loved ones, get to process what it feels like to get called racial slurs, to be treated differently because of their skin color in silence? Away from others.

No. It happens to them right in front of everyone. And it happens every day.

If you aren’t speaking out against police brutality of black men and women, then you are inactively speaking in favor of it. This isn’t the time to sit by and watch.

This is the time to get involved. To say something.

Every time you let another black man or woman get killed for jogging, or even speeding, or just sitting in their apartment being black, and you say nothing, you are a part of the problem.

Enough is enough. Stand up. Speak up for these people.

Speak up for these people because they shouldn’t have to keep screaming about injustice again and again.

It’s time for those of us sitting quietly aside with our white privilege to scream as loud as we can, because anything else isn’t enough.

Don’t stay silent. Don’t keep your mouth shut when you see racism happening. Stop agreeing to disagree.

Stop letting others get away with being bad people.