This Relationship Between A Biological Dad And Step Dad is Co-Parenting Goals

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These pictures that show a bio dad and a step dad getting along and co-parenting their daughter are #Goals.

A lot of times, when we think of divorce and kids, it is messy and ugly.

Parents often butt heads, and step parents are oftentimes seen as getting in the way. Too many times, the poor step parents are seen as enemy #1.

It can be totally confusing for the kids and super frustrating for the parents on both sides.

But, not THIS time.

This family has found a way to make it work. They work together, instead of fighting against each other. And, they have sweet pictures to prove it.

David Lewis and Dylan Lenox could have been the typical biological dad and step dad that saw each other as a threat. But instead, they put aside any differences in opinion they may have had.

They fought back against those old-school ideas that parents can’t get along, and they make the co-parenting thing work.

Photographer mom, Sara Mengon, took a series of sweet photos that showcase the way the family comes together and simply loves on the kids.

These photos were taken just minutes before David and Willow were headed into a daddy daughter dance.

Willow is dressed in her princess best — complete with little tiara — and her family is surrounding her to make the moment special.

We don’t get a glimpse of real dad and step dad, here. They have made it clear they are all in this together as “parents” of Willow.

That’s the way it should be, right?

How To Make It Work As Co-Parents

When Sara and David divorced, Willow was about 18 months old.

David left to be stationed in Afghanistan with the Army just 12 days after Willow was born. And, as happens too many times, Sara and David weren’t able to make the distance, the new baby, and life work out.

They decided to get divorced, but they wanted to keep it as amiable as possible. There hadn’t been a life-altering reason they had decided to get divorced — no infidelity, no violence, no disastrous situation. They had just grown apart.

Sara knew, as she again started to get out there and date, whoever that “perfect person” was, had to get along. They had to love Willow, and they had to accept that David was in the picture.

The first time Dylan and David met, they will admit that it was a little awkward and strained. I mean, that’s natural.

We shook hands, talked for maybe 2 or 3 minutes and I was on my way.

David Lewis to Motherly

How Did They Make Co Parenting Work?

As time went on, they knew that it was about more than just a broken marriage and hurt feelings. There was a little girl involved, and everyone had to come together and make it work.

We have a little girl to take care of and it’s not a competition between he and I

David Lewis to Motherly

David and Dylan started out as awkward acquaintances, then became comfortable enough to hang out together, and eventually became friends. They even call themselves brothers!!

Not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a brother and a best friend. Thank you Sarah for letting this all happen!When we care more about our children (on both sides of the party) than the way society has taught us to be towards (ex’s/baby mommas/daddy’s) then walls will fall, life will be free of hatred and remorse, and our children will conquer the foolish “norms” that media has shoved in our faces.

Dylan Lenox on Facebook

How great would it be if we could ALL be like this. Tolerant, accepting, loving. The world would be a much better place, AMIRITE?!? Thanks, David, Dylan, and Sara, for showing us how it’s done!

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