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How Am I Supposed To Teach My Daughter About PMS When I Don’t Have It Figured Out Yet?

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Once a month, I turn into a raging hormonal witch. This has been happening to me now for almost 30 years, and honestly I’m not sure there’s anything I can do about it. 

I’ve tried everything from medications to breathing and even having them shove a little device up in my hooha that was supposed to control these hormones.

But none of that has tamed the raging beast. Once a month, she’s on a warpath and I still don’t know how to stop her. 

And now, my 14 year old daughter has joined me in that warpath, and it’s real bad y’all. 

Real bad. 

Earlier this (pre-shark) week, she asked me what she could do to stop being so negative.

She had actually been complaining about life and junk so much that even her best friend had to tell her to cool it, and it was sort of a wake up call for her. 

“Mom, as soon as she said it, I knew she was right. I have to stop complaining, but it’s like nobody can get anything right.” 

There. She’d said it and I knew exactly what she was feeling. Because it was the way my mom had described PMS to me, and it was painstakingly accurate. 

“For me,” my mom said, trying to make me understand, “It’s like nobody can get their shit together. Suddenly the whole world just can’t problem solve and I’m not in the mood to deal with any of it.” 

It was the most accurate description of PMS I had ever heard. And even to this day, it’s still how I feel.

But, the problem is, because I still feel that way, I don’t know how to help my daughter with it. I can tell her to just ignore the feeling, but I know the truth– it’s pretty much un-ignorable.

So what now? How do we walk our daughters through stuff and teach them to cope when we haven’t figured it ourselves? Why does life have to throw this sort of thing our way?

Sigh, is it finally time for me to learn how to get through PMS without wanting to kill anyone? Is it finally time for me to try and understand these hormones?

And here I thought I was done worrying about stuff like this.

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