Twinkies Cereal Is Being Released in December And I’m Ready

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What is happening in my world right now?!? Twinkies cereal? Yes, please!

Yes, it is actually happening… no rumors here!

Photo Credit Post Consumer Brands

“Post Consumer Brands and Hostess Brands, LLC are teaming up again to bring the iconic Twinkies™ brand to the cereal aisle. The new Post Hostess™ Twinkies™ Cereal is a delicious new way to enjoy the snack cake we all know and love in cereal form, giving fans another opportunity to satisfy their cravings.”

Post Consumer Brands

Take every bit of my money now! My favorite snack splurge is going to be a cereal.

Unfortunately, the cereal won’t be cream filled, but it will taste like my favorite spongy cake. That’s good enough for me. Coffee and Twinkies Cereal — the only reasons to wake up early in the mornings!

They say the cereal is going to hit shelves in December — that isn’t soon enough for me.

There are a few lucky few who have already gotten their hands on this golden delicious cereal. I have to admit, I’m super-jealous!

I can’t WAIT to try this Twinkies cereal! It will be available at grocery stores everywhere soon enough, but I want it NOW.

Photo Credit Post Hostess Cereal

You can bet I’ll be staking out my local Walmart! As soon as it hits shelves, it’s MINE!

“Twinkies Cereal replicates the distinctive taste and familiar oblong shape of the golden-colored snack cake, delivering delightful sweetness in every bite. Twinkies fans can find the new cereal on grocery store shelves nationwide starting in late December.”

Post Consumer Brands

Want to try another one of my favorites? Check out this COTTON CANDY Cap’n Crunch cereal! I’m such a kid when it comes to my morning favorites.

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