Time Management Is a Waste Of Time

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I am a working mom. One that always gets asked, “How do you find the time to do it all?” And most of the time I smile or laugh, but never answer the question.

Time Management Is a Waste Of Time

But not today, today I am spilling all the secrets.

Time Management for Busy Moms

Time management isn’t what everyone always makes it out to be. It’s not about managing the time you’re given, it’s about forcing the time for things that need to get done and the time for the things you want to get done all into the same day.

It’s about deciding what’s actually important enough to get done and doing those things.

I will never make another bed again.

Not because I don’t think made beds look nice, but because making a bed just isn’t important enough to me to sacrifice any time out of my day to do it.

When I sat down and thought of all the things I need to do in a day, making a bed so I can come in and mess it up at the end of the day, for no other purpose than when people look at my bed they see my sheets in a different position than they were when I fell asleep was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard.

I decided, making beds, not my thing.

Before I go to bed, sometimes I have to straighten up my covers. Sometimes I have to change my sheets, sometimes I have to find the pillow I knocked back behind my bed the night before.

Sometimes it costs me extra time when I have to take care of my bed, but most days it buys me a couple extra minutes to get something else done.

There are little things in your life like that you can do, or even not do that you can exchange for extra time all over the place.

If you wake up fifteen minutes earlier, you get fifteen minutes more time to be awake and present in your day. And fifteen minutes of sleep isn’t really going to change how you feel one way or another all that much.

In fact, I’d wager to bet you’re going to feel more awake just because you took that extra fifteen minutes to maybe sit on your back porch and enjoy a cuppa coffee with the morning birds chirping outside or maybe you just poop in silence and without interruption.

Coffee cup on wooden table outdoor background

Both of those things will help your day go better. Both of those things are totally worth getting up fifteen minutes earlier for.

I promise.

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