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LEGO Just Released An Alpine Lodge That is Perfect to Assemble While Stuck Inside This Winter

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This just screams, “Winter is here!” and I’m freaking giddy right now.

Now, it’s no secret that I love LEGOS. Don’t judge. Adults can enjoy building things with tiny bricks, too.

But, I’ve never wanted a LEGO set quite so badly in my entire life.

Check it out. You can get an Alpine Lodge LEGO set, and it is so stinkin’ adorbs!!


In addition to a skating rink, a decorated tree, and a cozy loft, it even has a “fire” that lights up. How cool is that?!?

This 1517 piece set is perfect for solo play, or grab your bestie and have a LEGO building party — complete with peppermint hot chocolate and Christmas movies!!

It’s important to note that this Alpine Lodge LEGO set is not intended for kids. It is slated for those 18 and up, because it’s kind of a tough one.

This Alpine Lodge would make such a cute addition to any LEGO Winter Village Collection.

You can get this Alpine Lodge LEGO set for $99, and it will release on October 4th.

To get your own Alpine Lodge LEGO set, head on over to the LEGO website.

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