People Are Wrapping Their Ornaments with Balloons to Change the Color and It’s Pure Genius

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your tree this holiday season without buying a new batch of Christmas ornaments, check this holiday hack out.

Thanks to a new trend on TikTok, this holiday hack is the perfect way to change the color of your ornaments, with the same ornaments.

And all you need is a pack balloons.

That’s right, balloons.

Courtesy of @rachel_meaders

To change the color of your ornaments, you’ll want to cut the top of your balloons and carefully, wrap your ornaments with each balloon in your pack, (which is why the color of your balloons are a critical choice).

But before wrapping your ornaments, you’ll need to remove the cap that sits at the top of your ornament first!

Courtesy of @rachel_meaders

After you’re finished wrapping each ornament like a present, you should have a new set of bulbs to hang on the Christmas tree this holiday season!

Talk about the perfect way to spice up your tree.

Courtesy of @illustriousandy

We recommend a matte green and gold balloons to wrap your bulbs, because you can never go wrong with a green and gold combination for the holiday season.

Courtesy of @rachel_meaders

You can find a pack of balloons on Amazon here.

Happy decorating!

Courtesy of @amarddi

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