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‘Enola Holmes 3’ Is In The Works At Netflix And I Can’t Wait

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Enola Holmes 3 is — kind of — officially a go at Netflix, and I’m so excited!!

I think I’ve watched the first 2 Enola Holmes movies at least 5 times each. They are THAT good!


In case you know NOTHING about the flicks, they are about the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes — and she’s kind of a genius.

The first installment of Enola Holmes has Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) on the search — an investigation — for her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) who has suddenly disappeared.

Enola believes that her mother has left behind clues for her to find, and she has to solve the case to find her mum.

The second Enola Holmes sees Enola taking on her first case as a detective.

She is on the search for a missing girl, but she needs the help from some new friends — and, of course, her brother, Sherlock.

As far as this third installment of the Enola Holmes franchise, Netflix has confirmed a script is in development.

But, unfortunately, that’s just about the extent of what we know as of yet.

Scripts are written everyday for studios, but that doesn’t always mean the shows will come to fruition.

BUT, seeing as how popular the first two Enola Holmes films have been, we have a pretty good idea that the script for Enola Holmes 3 will see the light of day.


Now, up to this point, the Enola Holmes series has pretty much followed the story of the book series — with some minor adjustments.

So we can assume — with pretty good confidence, I think — that Enola Holmes 3 will follow the 3rd book.

In The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets, Enola avoids being sent to finishing school in order to help locate Dr. John Watson — who we know is Sherlock’s friend and associate.

We will update you with any new and exciting news that comes our way on Enola Holmes 3.

For now, you can stream the first two installments of Enola Holmes on Netflix.

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