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North West Told Kendall Jenner That Kim Kardashian Didn’t Like Her Met Gala Look And It’s Priceless

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North West — daughter of Kim Kardashian — has been known to spill the tea — too much tea — on several occasions.

It’s quite funny to watch her TikTok feed, because sometimes you can hear Kim in the background telling her not to share all the details of their lives.

North has also been known to run her mouth be quite blunt when it comes to giving her opinions on Kim’s outfits or spilling the deets on things her mum has said.

I’m gonna be honest. I love this kid. She’s hilarious.

We got to bear witness to classic North, saying things she maybe should have kept to herself, on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

This latest foray into the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner clan happened after the sisters made their appearance at the Met Gala in May.

As per youzh, Kim, Kendall, and Kylie look amazing!

Kim wore a draping pearl dress-type-thing that covered all her naughty bits.

Kylie wore an absolutely beautiful cutout red dress, with a slit up the side that nearly went to the tippity-top of her thigh.

And, Kendall wore a sparkly tuxedo-type outfit, designed by Marc Jacobs.

A sort of leotard without legs, Kendall paired the ensemble with sky-high platform boots and gorgeous earrings that probably cost more than what I make in 10 years.

It’s this last outfit — the one worn by Kendall — that caused North West to make the comment in question. The one that Kim would have rather her not spill.

By the way, North. You need to have some loyalty — When mommy talks shit about people, you cannot go tell them. Why would you tell Auntie Kendall I hated her outfit?

Kim Kardashian

Bahahahahaha! Can I be besties with North?!?

It turns out, after the Gala, North and Penelope went to see Kendall in her hotel room.

When asked who they thought had the best outfit of the night, the girls agreed that Kendall had the hottest look of the evening.

Kendall told them that Kim had also agreed that the outfit was amazing.

She was lying. She told me she did not like your look.

North West

Oh my gosh. I can’t breathe. Literally dying right now.

North is the best!

Kim used this little opportunity to skool North on the importance of loyalty.

After telling North that you don’t rat-out your mom to anyone, North had the best reply…

Well you never told me to not tell. I always don’t tell when you say to not tell.

North West

I. Love. This. Kid.

You can catch The Kardashians on Hulu, and you can stream the Season 4 finale of The Kardashians on Nov. 30.


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