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Matt Damon Perfectly Portrays Every Parent at Christmas In This SNL Skit

Saturday Night Live is 100% the best at capturing real life — but making it funny. They didn’t disappoint with their bit titled, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

It features Matt Damon as Every Dad Ever. Matt, and his on-screen wife, are reflecting on how they had the best Christmas ever. Like most of our Christmases, though, the flashbacks tell a different story.

As, they do, one of the flashbacks shows his kids running in his bedroom, VERY LOUDLY, and waking him up at 5:41am. I’ve been there!

As I think back to how I had to stay up until 4:30am last year, I could totally feel Matt’s pain, as he stays up WAY too late putting together the last touches of a Christmas gift.

He’s all smiles as he greets his in-laws, until his father-in-law looks at him and says, “”Whoa! You’ve gained weight!” *This MIGHT be how my grandma greets me EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.*

Matt is trying to wrangle all the kids that have come over, when one of the kids starts coughing. My worst nightmare! You know how kids spread those nasty little germs.

Matt’s ‘wife’ gets in an argument with her cousin at the kitchen table, because he refuses to take off his hat. Sometimes — well — relatives just make the day — interesting.

I’m not saying I’ve done this — I only do it every year — but the wife has to take to drinking wine to deal with her parents and the disaster that is the day. *Love you, Mom and Dad*

Matt has to break up fights between the children all day, and console his daughter when the son tells her she is adopted. Kids! Ha!

He has to keep a happy face when he opens his gift from the kids — and it’s bear slippers.

But, of course, when everything has gotten quiet on Christmas night, there is time for reflecting on how perfect the day actually was.

SNL hits the nail on the head when they say, “Even when it’s the worst, it’s the best.” Isn’t that the truth!!

Check out the full clip below.

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