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This SNL Skit Is Every Parent Trying To Dress Their Kid For The Holidays

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What parent hasn’t been HERE at Christmas time?!? SNL nailed this skit about Holiday shopping for kids. It is ALMOST too real to be funny — that’s a lie — I laughed the whole way through it!

It starts out normal enough. It talks about Macy’s (my FAVORITE upscale store, btw) selling sweet blazers for dad.

It also says they have these gorgeous cashmere sweaters for mom.

It just gets real — and funny — real funny from there! It says they have sweaters that will have your kids screaming, “It’s too hot!!”

OR — my absolute favorite — “IT ITCHES!”

Ha! This “commercial” MUST have been written by parents, because it is so SPOT ON! It shows moms and dads trying to wriggle children into their Holiday best.

These kids play it EXCELLENT!! They are MY child. Let’s see if you can relate. LOL!

I swear — I have experienced EVERY ONE of these situations. I am absolutely dying! HA!

This dad is every dad. He just can’t get his kid in his carseat, because the kid’s clothes aren’t cooperating.

How did they get a picture of my daughter throwing a fit about her shoes that are “too hard!!” Okay — it’s not really my kid — but it totally could be!

Watch the hilarious clip below.

If you love are a fan of Jason Momoa like I am, you also HAVE to check out this clip of him randomly showing up for an SNL skit!

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