Jason Momoa’s Shirtless Appearance on SNL Is The Only Thing You Need to See Today

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Three words: Shirtless Jason Momoa.

I mean, we can never get enough of these moments, can we?

Well, if you missed his appearance on SNL (Saturday Night Live) on Saturday, October 26th, you can catch up on it now.

He walks in with a fur coat and is portrayed as being a gold digger – sleeping with little old ladies so he can steal their money…

He then tells the defendant (the old lady suing him for her money) that she stole from him first… stole his heart that is.

The old lady then proceeds to mention that he stole her chandelier earrings and he says they were a gift but not before opening his fur jacket and showing off his nipple earrings! HA.

Jason Momoa just rocks about everything he does – if you haven’t seen him be a VSCO Girl yet, that is a good one too.

Watch the skit below and fast-forward to the 3:15 mark.

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