You Can Get A Dozen Red Roses To Give To That Golden Girls Fan In Your Life

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Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and if you aren’t sure what to get that special someone, take a look at this…

You Can Get A Dozen Red Roses To Give That Golden Girls Fan In Your Life!

Prime Party

No, I don’t mean the red roses you find in the grocery store that die within a week.

I am taking about THE ROSE the Rose everyone loves from The Golden Girls and these can be reused again and again!!

Prime Party

Imagine their delight when they wake up to the ultimate gift of a dozen red “Roses”! Traditional roses are expected and ordinary; your special someone is anything but ordinary. Our dozen Roses kit comes with 12 Rose, Betty White’s character from the hit 80’s TV show the Golden Girls.

Prime Party

The kit also includes a sign reading “A Dozen Red Roses Just for You!” along with 13 metal yard H-stakes.

Prime Party

Everything you need to ding-dong-ditch these for your special someone this Valentine’s Day or on their Birthday. Once used, reuse amongst your best friends for years to come. Made of commercial-grade corrugated plastic material so it will hold up in all weather conditions. Ink is fade resistant and provides a nice smooth glossy finish.

Prime Party

I don’t know about you, but this is basically the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

You can order that special someone a dozen Red Roses from Prime Party Here. It’ll run you about $80 but that is entirely worth it!


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  1. I Sure Do ❤ ? ? The GG But I Don’t Have A Yard Big Enough To Celebrate Miss Betty’s Birthday…..& I Also ❤ Those Recipes That I Seen ?….SMOOCHES ?

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