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Joe Exotic Is Launching An Underwear Line With His Face On It From Prision, Because Why Not?

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Even from prison, Joe Exotic is the gift that keeps on giving.

Via Netflix

Unless you have been living under a rock this summer, you know who Joe Exotic is. You also know that he is currently serving time for trying to have Carole Baskin offed.

Via of Netflix

Joe’s latest venture into the world of the weird is to bring the world a line of underwear, with his face covering the dirty bits.


Odaingerous has teamed up with Exotic to bring this line of REVENGE underwear to fruition, and I’m not going to lie, I may get some.

Via Odaingerous

I’m betting I’m not going to be the only one who grabs up this special underwear! Supplies are limited, and they are going to go FAST.

Via Odaingerous

The underwear is going to be available starting September 7th, and the tagline is “Don’t get mad, get even.” Fitting, don’t you think?


According to Us Weekly, there are going to be both men and women’s underwear for sale, and you can get them in sizes XS to XL. There’s something for almost everyone!

Via Odaingerous

This isn’t the first time that Joe Exotic has teamed up with Odaingerous to bring the world awesome tiger wares. Earlier this year, there was a line that included face masks, sweatshirts, and tshirts.


Don’t even try to go find these items now, because they are long gone. I mean, if you had the chance to wear OFFICIAL Joe Exotic ‘Get Even’ outfits and accessories, wouldn’t you jump at the chance. Ha!


If you want to get your OWN underwear with Joe’s face on the crotch, jump online September 7th, and head on over to the Odaingerous website.


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