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The Jonas Brothers Will Be On Coors Light Beer Bottles Because Why Not

The JoBros are coming out with their own beer — sort of.

The Jonas Brothers love Coors Light. One might say they are obsessed with the suds. They take it very seriously.

They have featured their favorite beer in their 80’s vibe video for Only Human,

drank it out of existence at Nick and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding,

and made sure it was stocked to the hilt at Joe and Sophie Turner’s wedding.

The next step for Nick, Joe, and Kevin? Well, obviously they get to make their own version of the malty beverage.

Okay, it’s not really a NEW version. It will taste just like the beer they love so much, but it will have a special JoBros label, which has them looking like a Mount Rushmore trio.

You probably won’t be able to purchase it at your local Circle K convenience store.

The Jonas Brothers Label Coors Light will only be available in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, and Tampa. You can pick it up for a limited time starting in Mid-November.

If you want this special edition of Coors Light, it looks like you will be taking a road trip really soon!

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