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The Jonas Brothers Are Back And Their New Album Drops Friday at Midnight

Bestill my Jonas loving heart, because they are back with all new music, and adorable as ever.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are reunited and it feels so good. They are releasing their first single in more than FIVE YEARS– “Sucker” Friday at midnight.

And, of course they announced it in the best way ever, via CARPOOL Karaoke! Next week they are doing a week-long takeover of The Late Late Show With James Corden next week and are planning to do all sorts of awesomeness there.

The last time the Jonas brothers released a single was “First Time” in 2013.

And then, a few months later they announced they were splitting up. But, even then they didn’t think that they were over forever.

The Jonas Brothers Are Back, Baby!

They promised us they’d be back at some time, and they did not disappoint!

The official Jonas Brothers Instagram account seriously only has three posts and already a million followers. Do you think we are more than just a little excited?

Same, Daria, same.

Although, I am not sad about their solo careers. Without them, we wouldn’t know that “cake by the ocean” is actually an awesome euphamism for “sex on the beach.”

Think we can convince them to get back together for another installment of The Jonas Show?

I mean, stranger things have happened, right? If 90210 can come back, we can make anything happen.