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Starbucks Released a Snowman Mug That Will Make Your Morning Cup Festive for the Holidays

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Rather than going outside to build a snowman thanks to Starbucks, we now can have one on the inside of the house.

And one that doesn’t freeze fingertips, but rather warms them instead!

Dubbed the Holiday Snow Mug, this wintery mug is festive every time you pour a cup of caffeine.

Courtesy of eBay

Decorated just like a snowman you might build in three feet of snow, this snowman is also dressed with a green top hat, two eyes, a carrot nose, and a beaming smile.

Courtesy of eBay

Better yet, this snowman never melts unlike the one made with snow outside.

With a green and white striped handle just like a Christmas candy cane, this snowman mug is perfect to use when it’s snowing outside!

Courtesy of eBay

Just don’t forget to make the real snowman outside!

You can currently find Starbucks’ new snowman mug online at eBay this holiday season!

Courtesy of eBay

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