Spirit Halloween Releases 5 New Animatronics That Are Bone-Chilling

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As if you didn’t have enough Halloween decor, Spirit Halloween has released 5 new animatronics as of today!

Spirit Halloween’s animatronics are first-in-class, bone-chilling creations that feature IR sensor-activated movement and sounds that bring the horror of the Halloween season to life.  

Spirit Halloween

These new additions to the highly anticipated 2022 lineup include five show-stopping animatronics available starting today, Wednesday, July 20 at 12 p.m. ET.

Bog Zombie Animatronic

6 Feet, $249.99

From the deep dark swamps of the bayou comes the decaying Bog Zombie animatronic to feast on the flesh of those who dare cross his path. Just his stench and rotting skin alone is enough to make anyone squeal. This IR sensor-activated animatronic stands at six feet tall with a menacing set of yellow LED light-up eyes and a moving mouth that spews several bone-chilling zombie moans and groans. Be careful not to get snatched when his torso comes to life and he tries to grab you with his set of swaying arms.

Spirit Halloween

Lord Raven Animatronic

6 Feet, $299.99

At six-feet-tall, the Lord Raven animatronic will tower over guests in your home. Watch as it lifts its arms and lowers its head to gather a closer look at its next victim. With light-up LED red eyes and tormenting voice lines, Lord Raven will spook you to your core!

In addition to their signature evil laughter, Lord Raven will lure onlookers with a number of terrifying sayings, including: “I knew you would be here soon; you could say I have eyes all over, hahaha. *caw caw* Remember, wherever you run, my crows and I will find youuu!”

Spirit Halloween

Lucky Bottoms Animatronic

2.6 Feet, $169.99

Feeling lucky? You will be once you put the terrifying Lucky Bottoms animatronic in your home! While on display, Lucky is sure to intimidate guests with his cackling evil laughter and wicked circular motions (IR sensor activated). Sitting at 2.6 feet tall, watch as guests shriek in fear at the unexpected sight of the legless clown Lucky and see how he revels in the joy of it all with evil laughter and circus music filling the air.

Spirit Halloween

Bag O’ Bones Animatronic

3 Feet, $149.99

You’ll have no problem harvesting some screams with the Bag O’ Bones animatronic on display. Sitting at three feet tall, this bag of bones from Spirit Acres Farm is ready to send chills down any unsuspecting guest’s spine when he pops up out of the bag. You’ll be jumping in fear as you watch the bag glow with green LED lights as he comes to life (via IR sensor) and makes his escape, complete with startling screams sound effects.

Spirit Halloween

Monty Animatronic

6 Feet, $299.99

It’s all fun and games until your favorite toy turns into a six-foot terror with cymbals, a lust for killing, and the eyes of a demon. After years and years of being forced to appease children, Monty is ready for a new gig. Make the Monty animatronic a part of your terrifying display and your guests will go bananas! What used to be a child’s plaything is now the fuel of nightmares thanks to the sounds of his piercing monkey screeches and clanging cymbals. Standing at six feet tall, the light-up yellow LED eyes and moving mouth really bring this toy to life, just not like you thought it would

Spirit Halloween

You can grab the new Spirit Halloween Animatronics on the Spirit Website here.

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