The President Just Proposed Sending Relief Checks Directly To Americans. Here’s What That Means

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Before you jump for joy, please note — This is NOT official yet. This is something that Trump is proposing.

With businesses closing, the government is aware that the American citizens are either currently struggling, or are about to be struggling financially.

The government is working on a way to help and give relief to small businesses during this time.

Not only that, but they are proposing a stimulus package that would put money directly into the hands of the citizens in the next two weeks.

We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately. What we heard from hardworking Americans, many companies are now shut down whether bars or restaurants, Americans need cash now and the president wants to get them cash now. I mean now in the next two weeks. — We want to make sure Americans get money in their pockets quickly.

Steve Mnuchin

I think our economy will come back very rapidly. — If we do this right — our country can be rolling again pretty quickly.

President Trump

Stay tuned. We will let you know more, as soon as more information becomes available.

Watch the press conference with President Trump, below.

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