The New Starbucks Kiwi Starfruit Refresher Is Another 2020 Disappointment In My Book

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I am always SO excited to try anything new from Starbucks, especially when it involves the caffeinated refreshers!

SO to hear that they were rolling out with an all new Kiwi Starfruit Refresher had me jumping for joy, especially with the crazy year we have been having.

But instead of rocking my world and being absolutely fantastic, I took my first swig of this “majestic” sounding drink and almost spit it right back out. It is HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible.


For one, it’s not pretty. It looks like my toddler’s diaper remains after I caved and got her McDonalds. Add the floaty chucks and you’ve got yourself the puke emoji, which funny enough, is also the same color.


But the most important part is the taste. And they failed there too. I mean, COME ON!

The Refreshers have become one of THE MOST staple drinks in Starbucks, only tailing behind the Frappuccinos. (No surprise). So WHY, oh WHY would they actually think this would be a great seller?!?!


I would have much rather have had the Orange Valencia Refresher or the Cool Lime Refresher back. In a HEARTBEAT. Those were both delicious AND actually looked good too.


But now, we get a weird snotty looking, sour green apple tasting drink. Yuck. If you somehow were a huge fan of the Sour Apple Warheads as a kid, you may be a fan of this drink. But that’s about it.


In fact, this drink has been SO horrible for business that there have been rumors of pulling it. Some stores aren’t even receiving the juice anymore.


If you happen to actually like this refresher, please please please let us know how and why because I can’t wrap my mind around it. You probably have some very unique, higher power taste buds or something. Because I couldn’t even take one sip. And then I had to deal with the after taste. Ick.


I hear that this drink is a bit more tolerable with the coconut milk added, but after getting one sip, I wasn’t for trying any substitutions at all. I’d rather stick to what I like than try to dilute a disgusting flavor.

There is also an entire thread on Reddit talking about how gross this drink is…


So if there are any petitions roaming around that I can sign to lose this drink and bring back the Valencia Orange refresher, let me know. This is just another 2020 fail that needs to go away and be forgetten.


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