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You Can Get Adorable Boba Tea Bubble Popping Fidget Toys For the Ultimate Stress Reliever

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I fidget a LOT, especially when I am anxious, stressed, or my pain levels are high.

It’s quite a common thing to need to do something with your hands for people with such issues.

I tend to be a “tapper” and a “bouncer” if I don’t have something else to focus that energy outlet on.


Bouncing and tapping can make others around me uncomfortable, and that is where these types of sensory toys can help.

Have you ever just picked up a piece of bubble wrap and popped the bubbles one by one?

You’re not quite sure why, but it’s satisfying and kind of soothing right?


These are made with the same basic concept, but you can reuse them over and over again.

You can pop the bubbles, squeeze the toy, and even pull it as hard as you can since they’re made with a durable food-grade safe silicone material they are built to last.


The pop-it style fidgets can even be used to help develop fine motor skills in young children.

Thankfully since they are made with non-toxic and durable materials they are great for younger children that may want to place them in their mouths as well.


You can also wash them up so they are always nice and clean, with zero worries.

They make a perfectly fun gift for people of all ages and have many constructive uses.


These would be a super cute addition to an Easter basket too!

You can buy your Milk Tea Bubble Popping Fidget Toys in a set of two on Amazon!


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