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KFC Is Releasing A Plant-Based Fried Chicken Next Week. Here’s Where You Can Get It.

I am always in the mood for chicken, especially deep fried chicken.

Come to think of it, Popeyes fried chicken sandwich is what comes to mind when I’m craving a good hunk of chicken.

Even though I crave Popeyes, this article is not about their southern fried chicken, but instead about KFC’s finger lickin’ good chicken.

KFC is going vegetarian. They’re adding a new twist to their famous chicken recipe.

Made by Beyond Meat, KFC is serving a plant-based version of its fried chicken initially in 50 locations, including Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

The current version of the plant based chicken will only be offered in California first; the company will be watching carefully to see how customers react to the new product.

Customer’s reactions will determine whether or not “Beyond Fried Chicken” will be sold nationally.

So therefore, if you are currently a resident or visiting the state you’re in luck; however everyone else, will sadly have to wait for now.

Due to the virus, many restaurants have halted some of their menu changes but one thing that hasn’t been paused, are plant based options, stated Morningstar restaurant analyst R.J. Hottovy.


“We’re still seeing increased demand for plant-based products,” Hottovy explained. He added that the new plant-based menu items don’t add much complexity to restaurant kitchens, especially if the restaurant already serves such products.

Morningstar restaurant analyst R.J. Hottovy

Hopefully individuals in California will react well with the plant based version of KFC’s fried chicken because I will be the first in line to try it!