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My House Is Always Clean. Why Do I Feel Like I Am The Only One?

Lately, there has been this movement to do things like not keep a clean house, ignore the dirty dishes and skip the laundry and go spend time with your kids instead.

clean house

Well, I think that’s horse crap, honestly. Dude, DO YOUR DISHES.

I don’t understand. It takes less than ten minutes to rinse off a sink full dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Heck, if you just rinse them off and stick them in the dishwasher right after you use them it’s even less time than that.

When I step into someone’s house and they say, “So sorry about the mess.”

I am thinking, “Why can’t you just pick this stuff up?”

clean house

It takes everything I have to not just start cleaning. I mean, would they be grateful if I just picked up that trash off the counter and threw it away for them?

If your floor is covered in crumbs and crap, what is wrong with you? Just get out the vacuum. Who are these people that don’t vacuum every day?

I don’t understand why this is so hard, it’s a quick pass over the floor. If you keep it up you never have to DEEP CLEAN because it’s ALWAYS CLEAN.

clean house

I was standing in Starbucks the other day and I overheard one lady say to her friend, “I don’t know when the last time was I scrubbed my kid’s toilet. It’s so gross in there I don’t even go in that bathroom anymore.”

WHAT?! What the ever loving bleep is wrong with you? Your kids are just hanging out in a pee infested cesspool of germs and you’re like cool with that?

No. Just no. CLEAN YOUR BATHROOMS. Scrub toilets at least once a week. More if you’ve got little boys who aren’t great with the aiming.

A clean house just isn’t that hard.

Look, I am not saying every day needs to be a deep cleaning with all sorts of scrubbing and mopping and whatnot. But, there is absolutely no reason for you to leave your crap all over the kitchen table.

It takes all of three seconds to just put your purse on the hook, and not on the counter. If you just make it a habit to stay tidy then you won’t even have to think about it.

clean house

Oh, and your kids will LEARN BY EXAMPLE.

My mom was a neat freak. She was always cleaning. We always had a really clean house.

It was really important to her that our house be clean, and when I was a kid I thought she was crazy, until I went over to a friend’s house one day and saw their kitchen.

Their sink and counter was stacked sky high with the grossest, crustiest dishes I have ever seen. My friend went to make us a snack, and she grabbed one of the dishes out of the sink to clean it before she could ever even start the snack.

“What are you doing?” I was so grossed out. She was basically scraping old goo off of the dish into the trash can at this point.

We don’t have any clean dishes. I have to wash one.

WHAT?! No. Why aren’t there clean dishes in the dishwasher? This isn’t rocket science. When it gets full, start it. Take the five minutes to empty it and then YOU CAN FILL IT UP AGAIN.

Don’t do this to your kids. Make them love cleanliness. Make them crave it.

Make your kids wish they always had a clean house.

When they go over to someone else’s dirty house, they will be rightfully disgusted and they will never ever want their house to look like that.

clean house

Kids need order. They need a tidy, clean house, and they need to see that housework and chores are important.

You aren’t doing them any favors when you skip out on the laundry to read them a book.

I promise you, they will still want you to read them that same damn book tomorrow.

This time they will just be wearing clean underwear when they ask.

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