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This Woman’s Husband Made Comments About How She Does ‘Nothing’ Around The House, Here’s Her Response…

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Being a stay-at-home mom really is a thankless job so many times.

You work your tush off on all the things: constantly cleaning, straightening, cooking, parenting —

But then, once you do all the things, nobody coming in from the outside would even know you did anything.

That means you are really kicking ass at your job, but it also means that nobody can tell. That sucks.

One TikTik mom found herself in this exact situation. She worked super hard to keep her house nice, but her own husband thought she wasn’t doing anything during the day.

My husband made a comment that I do nothing around the house.

Lindsay D.

I would be so mad!!

She came up with the best way to let him really understand what she does on the daily, and it’s hilarious.

For two days she did NOTHING around the house. This way he could see just how much she actually does day in and day out.

In the TikTok video, she walks around her house after two days of doing nothing, and her house looks like a disaster zone.

I can only imagine that her husband felt pretty sheepish after her little demonstration.

She is actually my new hero, and I think everyone should watch this video.

Mom’s are the real superheroes!

You can see her entire TikTok video HERE.

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