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This Dad Has A Brilliant Hack For Getting His Kids To Eat And I’m Definitely Trying It

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I don’t know how it is at your house, but at ours, dinner time is a disaster.

It is a fight every. single. night. when it comes to what the kids will eat, and even if they will eat at all.

If there were a magic wand I could wave to make every night enjoyable, I would gladly wave it loud and proud.

There is one dad on TikTok who just might have found the key to dinnertime bliss, and I want to give him a hug.

With as much as they hate dinner, there is one thing the kids can all agree that they love: Bluey.

Yep. That funny blue little dog from Australia and her family.

So, this TikTok dad uses his kids’ Bluey obsession to get his kids to eat — and it actually works!!

Use Bluey To Get Your Kids To Eat Dinner

Here’s how he does it:

Many of you know that I have a love-hate relationship with Alexa. I love her. She hates me. It’s emotionally manipulative, and yet somehow, I still can’t get enough. However, as of last week, I have finally found a way to use Alexa’s evil for good.


His little trick takes a bit of prep every night. But, the rewards are infinitely worth the time it takes to lay the groundwork.

I use the Alexa commands to make my own question and answer. For the question, I put in, ‘Alexa, what is Bluey having for dinner tonight?’ Then I make the answer whatever we’re having.


Like, I didn’t even know you could do this!!! Mind Blown.

Because what kid is not going to eat a meal when it’s the same meal that Bluey (and/or your favorite cartoon character of choice) is eating?


If Bluey isn’t your child’s obsession — First of all, I can’t imagine that to be the case. Bluey is the BEST. — you can customize this little question and answer to whatever your child likes.

What is Spider-Man eating for dinner? What are the Transformers eating for dinner? What is Pikachu eating for dinner? What is Elmo eating for dinner? What is Barbie eating for dinner?

You get the idea.

The ONE thing you can’t forget to do is change the question and answer every single day. But the results are worth it, AMIRITE?!?

You can see @DadChats entire TikTok video about getting his kids to eat dinner HERE.

To get an Alexa, so you can try out this hack, simply go to the Amazon website.


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