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An Animated ‘Transformers’ Prequel Movie Is In The Works And It’ll Be Directed By The Toy Story 4 Director

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Prequels are my jam! Seriously, anytime an amazing movie or TV series comes out with a prequel, I am STOKED! Learning about the background history of your favorite characters? Um, heck yes!

A lot of live-action movies have been put on hold for the time being. But animation is where it’s at! I love animated movies, I can’t help it. The artistic notes behind them are just amazing to me.

Toy Story 4’s director, Josh Cooley, is set to direct the new animated Transformers Prequel movie! Deadline reports that the film has “more or less begun production” thanks to work being done remotely, an advantage it has over the live-action side of the franchise.


The animated film will take place on the Transformer home world Cybertron, most likely surrounding the war between the Autobots and Decepticons.


Cooley has an impressive number of animation movies under his belt. He has been working at Disney’s Pixar for many years including as a storyboard artist on Cars, Cars 2UpRatatouille, and The IncrediblesToy Story 4 marked his feature film debut as a director, and the film grossed over a billion dollars, became the highest grossing in the series, and got him an Academy Award!


So we are SO excited to see what he has in store for us now with this new movie in the works! I personally can’t wait and I’m sure my son can’t either! What do you hope to see in this new Transformers movie? Comment below!


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