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This Mom Left The Most Passive Aggressive Gift For Her Daughter’s School Counselor And It’s Hilarious

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There are so many people in our children’s schools who are excellent educators — worthy of so many gifts.

But sometimes, a rogue individual slips through the cracks who maybe shouldn’t be working with kids.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the kind of person whom this story is about.

This mom on TikTok, whose name is Erika, is going viral for the passive aggressive, end-of-year gift she got her child’s “Behavior Specialist.”

I really hope she enjoys the efforts that were put into making this beautiful fruit basket. You know how people say things were made with love? This was made with pure spite. Best of luck to you orange lady, I hope I made you feel as special as you made my child feel for the last 9 months.


And, let’s be honest, it’s something we’ve ALL wanted to do at one point or another — either during our child’s time in school, or perhaps due to something we, ourselves, experienced.

So, let me set the scene for you:

On the very first day of sixth grade, this mom’s daughter had a run in with the Behavior Specialist for getting up from her lunch seat to throw away an orange peel without permission.

The Behavior Specialist even went as far as digging the orange peel out of the trash, handing it back to the daughter, and sending her back to her seat.

Now, I’m not naive. I know that kids in elementary school can be a bit — shall we say — hard to deal with in the behavior department.

But, there was probably a better way to deal with a kid throwing away their lunch trash without permission.

According to Erika, this one incident started a year-long battle between this Behavior Specialist and her daughter.

She claims that her daughter had a “target” on her back all year long with this Behavior Specialist since what will henceforth be called “the incident.”

Now, since it was her child’s last year at the school before heading off to middle school, Erika decided to take her frustration with this Behavior Specialist out in the most passive-aggressive way possible.

And, I love her for it!

Eventually, I get sick of it and I decide, ‘How can I thank her for her amazing abilities and everything she has poured into my child this year?’


So, what did she do?

In the TikTok video, we see Erika go into a thrift store, buy a basket, and then fill that basket with — you guessed it — oranges!

The last time we went into the building and grabbed my kid, we walked it in and placed it on the table — and we just told her tank you. She actually thought it was going to be a nice gift, but when she realized what was happening, it was great.


OMGosh. I totally wish I had the guts to do this to several different educators in my lifetime!!

What do you think? Genius or over the line?

You can see Erika’s video about the orange basket HERE.

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