Snapple Has Come Out With Three New Lemonade Flavors, And Now I’m Ready For Summer To Start

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Snapple is know for its juices, teas, and even its yummy lemonade. Nothing says “SUMMER’S ALMOST HERE” like an ice cold Snapple Lemonade.

Just pop the lid on an ice cold Snapple, and it’s like the sun comes out to play.

But, those geniuses at Snapple have gone and made me a happy person once again!

They’ve combined the flavor of lemonade with three different awesome juices. And, they’re here just in time for summer!

Via Snapple on YouTube

Introducing the new Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade, Black Cherry Lemonade, and, perhaps my favorite, Watermelon Lemonade!

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Aren’t they beautiful!

They’ve already been spotted at stores like Walmart and Target, but are going to be in grocery stores everywhere.
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Twitter has also been abuzz with all things new Snapple Lemonade. Brianna_Colvin wants to try the Watermelon Lemonade as much as I do!

Via @brianna_colvin on Twitter

According to the Snapple website, each 16 ounce beverage will be 150 calories. They also contain natural flavors and fruit juices.

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Of course, each bottle comes with a Snapple Fun Fact on the lid. This has come to be expected of the brand, and these new lemonade bottles don’t disappoint.

Via Snapple on YouTube

Did you know the fun facts are so popular, that Snapple has dedicated one whole part of their website to them?
Via Snapple on YouTube

Go get yourself one … or all three today!

Pro Tip: Add a little vodka, and serve over ice for a refreshing adult beverage. Don’t forget to add a couple maraschino cherries inside the glass, or a sliced watermelon or strawberry to the rim of the glass as a fun garnish.

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