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15 Things For Your Summer Bucket List

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It can be really hard to make the most of your summer when it’s super hot outside and no one feels like leaving the comfort of the A/C. Let’s face it, we’re all pretty lazy, which is a shame because having the kids home from school all summer is the perfect time to introduce them to all kinds of new opportunities and experiences. Or to mentally scar them for life. You should probably shoot for those exciting new experiences though. If you’re looking for an easy way to plan for the best summer ever, look no further than our Summer Bucket List! It comes with a calendar, a sample checklist with all kinds of ideas to get you started, and a blank list for you to fill in with all of your own amazing ideas!

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Summer Bucket List

You can put any number of things on your Summer Bucket List – take this summer as an opportunity to do things you’ve never tried before, or that were so much fun the first time that you want to try them again! However, if you’re not quite sure where to start, well, that’s why we’re here! Your friendly neighborhood spider…er, website? Anyway, take a look at these 15 ideas and see if any of them catch your eye!

1. Avoid the craziness that is Wal-Mart and visit a farmer’s market instead.

2. Make a food from scratch that you’ve never tried before. And no, I don’t mean making a cake from a box.

3. Do something nice for someone – call it karma, call it a random act of kindness, call it being a decent human being. Just do it.

4. Learn a new activity. I hear bird watching is all the rage this season.

5. Take a picture of a bird. It’s almost like I planned that one.

6. Teach the kids about the wonders of economics by making a lemonade stand.

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7. Visit a family member that you don’t see very often. Even you never see them because they drive you crazy. That’s why it’s called a “visit.”

8. Cross a state line. If you’re crossing one into Colorado, then you didn’t get that advice from me.

9. Learn five new words. Here, start off with this one: Dunandunate.

10. Go to the beach. Everyone loves the beach, right? And while you’re there…

11. Collect seashells. Come on, you saw that one coming right?

12. Tell someone you love them. Although really, you should be doing that all year round!

13. Write that story you’ve always meant to write but never found time for. Be creative!

14. Go on a hiking trail. Take your family and the dog, make a picnic, and have an adventure!

15. Visit the museum. We’ll force some culture into you people yet.

Ready to make this summer the most amazing summer ever? Those ideas should be enough to get you started, but you’re going to want to go ahead and download our Summer Bucket List now and get working on some more! And if you have any of your own great Summer Bucket List ideas that you want to share, post them in the comments below!

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